10 Simple Occupied Staging Tips

Whether you are preparing your house to sell or a realtor meeting with a client, these quick and easy occupied staging tips will get you started in the right direction:

  1. Always clear off the front of the fridge. Often times the main message hub for the home, just clearing it off before listing photos and quickly stowing all notes prior to a listing appointment makes a kitchen look instantly larger and more open.
  2. Try adding white accessories (such as flowers and towels) to add a bit of sparkle to any listing photo.
  3. Want to make a space look bigger? Move out all small area rugs. These rugs create both distractions in listing photos and make a space feel smaller. The more continuous floor one sees, the larger the space will appear.
  4. Clear out and pack up half of the contents of the closets. Buyers want to see space, not closet contents.
  5. Dark leather sofas create black holes in listing photos. Brighten up any dark sofa with light accent pillows and throws.
  6. Removing over-sized furniture pieces will instantly add square footage to any space.
  7. To make a bathroom look bigger, put away all toiletries.
  8. Open all window treatments to make a room brighter and appear more open prior to both listing photos and appointments.
  9. Be sure to remove all trashcans from sight and close all toilet lids prior to listing photos. The house will instantly appear cleaner on-line.
  10. Leave out only lifestyle items in the kitchen and clear away all stacks of paper. Watch your counter space grow.