Selling Your House? Follow These Steps First

Follow These 3 Basic Steps Before Listing Your House

There are numerous must do lists to follow while considering whether or not to put your house on the market. However, one thing is certain, the following three steps can’t be skipped if you want to a see a sale pending sign in your yard and receive a top dollar offer for your house.

  1. Stage Your Property

  2. Find a Great Realtor

  3. Price it Right

Stage Your Property

Unless your house looks like a Southern Living Magazine photo, don’t ignore the staging step. Now is the time to finish all of the unfinished projects that have accumulated around the house. It’s also time to fix anything and everything that’s broken. Cleaning and decluttering are next. Ever thought about renting a storage unit? Now is the time. Clear out and begin packing everything you don’t use, even empty out half of the contents of your closets. Pack up all of your favorite collections. Your favorite sports memorabilia may not be your prospective buyer’s favorite. Clean up the yard and add lots of spring color. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Find a Great Realtor

Don’t be afraid to interview several agents. This is the sale of your largest asset so you want to make sure you are in good hands. Look at their on-line profiles and check out how their other listings appear. An on-line presence is key since most home buyers shop on-line first. Also, look at their reviews. What are others saying about them? Ask for recommendations. Who sold your best friend’s house or your neighbor’s house? Most importantly, find someone you can trust, someone who will actively market your property, and someone who is credible in your market.

Price it Right

How do you price your house? First, don’t be tempted to start incredibly high, and second, don’t price it based on emotion. Use popular real estate sites such as, Zillow, or Trulia to see what other homes in your neighborhood have sold for–not what they are currently listed for–and you’ll have a better idea of your home’s current value. This is also where a valuable agent comes in handy. A good agent will provide a competitive market analysis. Work with your agent to decide how much room you should leave for negotiations, but don’t overreach because an overpriced house will sit on the market and as it sits, the price will drop.