30 days, 90 minutes, $60


Now that your holiday decorations are down (or maybe you are thinking it’s time for them to come down), it’s a great time to rethink your space. Whether you are just in the mood to rearrange your current furnishings, or you need ideas for a much more dramatic change, snag this deal to get you started. Arrange will work with what you already own and love to bring new life to your space. If new accessories are in order, we can even shop on the spot and pass on our trade discounts to some of your favorite retailers.

Maybe you are considering an entire new space, but aren’t sure how to prepare you current house to sell. Arrange will spend 90 minutes staging your house while showing you some quick tips to get the best on-line photos.

Whether it’s design advice or home staging, take advantage of this deal quickly and call, text our email us by February 10, 2017 to schedule your appointment.