Boosting Your Home’s Value through Paint Color

Selling your house and trying to decide what needs to be done before listing it? Consider updating your paint color. This is an easy cosmetic fix, so we often assume buyers won’t mind making the changes themselves. Yet, the right colors have a powerful implication for buyers. So much so, that Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis actually puts monetary figures behind the color choices home buyers make.

Here’s some quick dos and don’ts based on the Zillow analysis:

  • Paint your bathrooms powder blue to periwinkle and not white to increase value.
  • Kitchens in light blues and grays sell higher than those in yellow
  • Dining rooms in slate blues, navy, or gray/blues sell more than those in red and copper colors
  • Go back to the blues for bedrooms, because a calming blue color will bring in more money
  • We still like our beige or taupes for our living rooms.

Take the guesswork out of your color choices by following these great color suggestions from Home Staging Resources: