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Owner Occupied Home Staging

An occupied consultation provides home sellers with a strategic plan to make their homes market ready; therefore, increasing the opportunity to maximize their return on investment.

A home is generally your largest and most emotional purchase. Most homes hold very dear memories & life’s biggest celebrations–a first anniversary, a child’s first step, a daughter walking down the steps to go on her first date–making it nearly impossible for homeowners to view their homes objectively when putting it on the market.

Occupied Home Staging takes place in a three-step process:

  • Provides clients with room by room evaluations, checklists, and staging tips to highlight the features of the home while the homeowner takes notes as we walk through the house creating a Home Staging Action Plan.
  • Recommendations focus on pre-packing; furniture and accessory placement; paint, fixtures, flooring, and other ROI (return on investment) changes as needed to target the area buyer demographic.
  • We use your things to create compelling marketing photos.
  • Complete walk-thru lasts approximately 2 hours and, for some, this is the only service required.

Interior Redesign-Styling for Your Home

We believe you should love the space you live in.

Think of it as fresh restyling for your current space. It offers solutions for difficult room layouts, focuses on the existing focal points, and freshens up tired spaces. It is also the perfect solution for new home owners who are trying to make previous furnishings fit into new spaces.

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