How-To Tips to Declutter Your House

Thinking of Selling? The Packing Starts Now

There is no getting around it. Selling a home is STRESSFUL! How do you go through your things and decide what to keep, pack, donate, or even toss out?

First, take a deep breath and keep your eye on the final goal. Save yourself a lot of stress and begin the decluttering process early. For those of you who have a hard time letting go, you need to approach this task on a small scale–big picture plan, and set small attainable daily goals. What does this process look like?

Follow these easy steps to a clutter free home:

Breakfast area built-ins before

Step 1: Set a daily goal of 30 minutes and focus on a area (and not necessarily a room). If you can look at it in small sections it becomes so much more doable. For example, begin in your family room and tackle the built-ins that are cluttered from years of use and will need to be cleaned up and organized to highlight this fabulous feature when you list your home. Don’t look at the rest of the room, just focus on the built-ins, which leads to step two.

Step 2: Approach each area with at least two boxes and one trash bag. One box is for packing. These are for items that won’t add value to your home during the staging process, but are important or necessary to keep. One box is for donations. You know there are books on those shelves you will never read again, so donate them to your local library. You are decluttering and helping out in one step! Time for the trash bag. This is the where you throw out, or even better yet, recycle those old magazines that you always intended to read one day, but haven’t. Each area (or even small rooms) should get at least two boxes and one trash bag pulled out before you list. Buyer’s want to see your space, not your stuff.

Step 3: This step is all about tackling the “I don’t know pile.” There will always be items that you know you don’t need to use during the sale of your house, but are unsure whether or not to donate these items or pack them for later use. Stick these items in the “I don’t know pile.” Even let your pile build up and come back to it after a long week of moving area by area in the previous steps. At the end of a long day, come back to that pile and ask yourself if you really need or even want to move any of those items, and chances are, you’ll donate most of it.

When you have completed all three steps in all areas of your house, the staging begins. Now it’s time to make your house a buyer’s dream by making it look magazine worthy and photo ready!