Planning to Sell this Spring?

Now is the time to stage your house!

If you are serious about selling and you hope to get top dollar, don’t put off staging. Start now and create a game plan. There are few steps to keep in mind:

  1. Staging is not just decluttering and depersonalizing. These are, however, important first steps. Go through each room and begin packing all of your unused items but don’t remove personality and create a sterile environment. Instead, focus on removing the clutter that you’ve been meaning to get to for weeks, months, or even years.
  2. Finish (or start) all of those household projects. Save yourself a lot of stress and start a to-do list and work a little on it each week. It makes those tasks so much more manageable. Trying to finish all of these tasks, plus deep cleaning & packing, makes for a very stressful time if all left until the end. Most importantly, don’t assume that the buyers won’t care and can finish these tasks. You have the opportunity to complete them now so they don’t become price erosions in the future.
  3. Dissociate yourself from your home. Let you home become an investment and not an emotional attachment. If you are too attached, don’t sell. If you have to sell, remind yourself that a staged home and lived in home are not the same thing. It’s not about buyers seeing your memories. It’s about buyers seeing the possibility to create their own memories.
  4. Look at the competition. Get on-line at any of the various house selling websites and see what’s for sale in your market and what’s sold. Study the photography. Why? Over 95% of buyers shop on-line first. You’ll be able to quickly see the difference in a staged home and lived-in home.