Staging a Master Bathroom

What do buyers want in a master bath? They want a spa-inspired retreat, and let’s face it, not all homes have the perfectly well designed and luxurious master bathroom. Instead, it’s important to work with what the seller already has. Here are some quick tips for transforming an ordinary master bathroom into a spa-like retreat that buyers will fall in love with:

Master bath before 2

  1. Declutter!

    You hear stagers talk about this all the time and there’s a good reason. If home sellers use their bathroom counters for storage, it creates an impression that says this bath has no storage. All buyers wants plenty of storage, even if they are not going to need it.

  2. Hide the laundry!

    Nothing will turn off buyers more than other people’s dirty laundry. Put it the closet behind the door, or even buy a hamper with lid. Just hide it!

  3. Clean the bathroom!

    Next to kitchens, there probably can’t be a more gross impression left with potential buyers than a dirty bathroom. Clean it so it sparkles; there are no shortcuts in this step.

  4. Accessorize!


Now that you have a clean uncluttered bathroom, how do you give it that spa feel. In this master bathroom, the homeowner did not have any towel bars and just a few misplaced hooks. Adding towel bars and a few new towels (only to be brought out as potential buyers are coming through the house), make a significant but affordable change. Nothing says spa like a stack of fluffy white towels. More examples of accessories that bring in the spa feel can often be found in other rooms of the house, such as candles and books.

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Master bath after 2