Staging My Own Home (while living in it with five kiddos, two dogs, and one cat)

As a stager, I’m my husband’s (and my own) worst nightmare when selling our own homes. I tell my clients that getting their homes ready to sell, is just plain hard. There’s no mincing words. It’s hard work. Period. However, I also tell them that I get it, because I too have lived it. And, yes, we did it with the commotion of raising a big family.

With every client, we prepare a list of priorities and recommend the order of these priorities. They can then knockout as much or as little on the list. In each market, all homes have a price range and for our home, we were aiming for the top dollar price range and were unwilling to sacrifice. We did all of the usual: decluttered, packed up items that weren’t needed for staging or living at the time and moved them out of the house, touched up paint, and cleaned like the queen was coming by for tea.

We didn’t want to list without completing renovations.

That by itself was tough, and not all of the children were onboard, especially our 8-year-old twin boys (& teenagers can be kind of put off by staging too). To make matters worse, we completed the renovations that we started four years earlier when we bought the house. What renovations you ask? Let me begin by reminding you that I am my own worst staging nightmare.

Bathroom renovation included.

Our renovations included painting the exterior of the house. We added window trim when we installed new widows after moving in four years earlier, but never refreshed the house with paint. New paint, led to new exterior lights. Inside, the previous owners had updated some of the interior doors, we finished by adding five new doors, three new closet doors, and matching hardware throughout. Our laundry room, which we had just installed new flooring in, needed new paint to match. But all of these weren’t the hardest part. We also updated one of the bathrooms (the only one left to renovate) with shiplap, new tile surround, new trim, new vanity, new hardware and lighting.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely! We sold it quickly and for top dollar, and bottom line, that’s every stager’s goal for their clients. At Arrange we can walk you through every stage of the process (including cleaning, renovations, and keeping it staged), so let us help you get your house market ready today!