Should You Stage with Seasonal Decor?

Fall is in the air and fall decor is everywhere. Who doesn’t love the warm colors of fall and all that it embodies? However, be careful not to use seasonal decor in your listing photos.

Why? You’ll instantly date your listing. Before long we’ll be changing seasons and new decor will be coming in. On-line listings with seasonal decor will only give the impression to potential buyers that the house has been on the market for some time. Since we move through seasons so quickly this time of year, pictures with fall decor will be dated within weeks.

In addition, when home buyers envision themselves in new homes, they generally don’t picture seasonal decorations. Creating a beautiful on-line listing is about creating a lifestyle that home buyers want to call home. Staging to the functionality of a room and it’s focal point is what will sell a listing, not dated pictures.

Now, if you want to decorate your own living space with fall decor, I say go for it! Start at your local market and bring in some of these amazing heirloom pumpkins for a quick tablescape or front door arrangement.

Whether you are decorating for fall or preparing your house to sell, take some time to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and have a happy fall ya’ll!